Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Batik inspiration - DIY and daily use of Batik and Ikat

Batik used to be for old people in Indonesia. It was used simply as a wrap around skirt, tightened with a fabric corset. But this is not the case for now where people proudly wear it for work every Friday in Indonesia, turn it to party dresses or fancy trench coats, or hand pick them for home decorations.

Here are some of Batik designs that I picked, that will be very useful for your DIY projects, or simply to change your look and home decor into something more tribal.

1. Pillow covers
Ikat and Batik pillow covers are one of the most popular items in Etsy. To create one for yourself, here's a video to make envelope pillow covers for beginers.

Websites like Novica are also a great inspiration for pillow covers

2. Vogue dresses
I found two most typical dresses that Indonesian women make from a hand painted batik fabric. As you can see in these great DIY article for Batik dresses, taken from vogue patterns.

2. Skirt

As found in vogue

3. Bolero

As found in Batik kultur

 And Shiro Batik

4. Trench coat

Christopher Bailey's tribal edition

5. Top

6. Play suit

As found in Holloboutique 

7. Dressing robe / Kimono

As you can see in Novica

8. Apron

As you can see Unique Batik 

10. Breasfeeding cover up

As found in Pupsikstudio